Winter is coming...

No.  Wait.  This isn't the land of Game of Thrones, it is Arizona.  And summer is definitely coming!  (Although as I write this, we're having a beautiful, unseasonably cool day that makes me want to bake bread and make soup.)  

Summer is also well on its way for citified reporter Ariana Lamonte when she runs into Jayden Fortune in Wild West Fortune, the June finale of the 6-book "The Fortunes of Texas--The Secret Fortunes" series.

Ariana's on the scent for the scoop of the century: not one, not two, but three secret Fortune heirs.  But Jayden turns out to be a lot more than a story, and now she has a problem.  Write the story that will make her career, or take a chance on a man who could fill her heart.  That is, if he can ever forgive her for revealing what he'd never wanted to believe--that he and his brothers really ARE part of "that" Fortune family...

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